How Much Does It Cost For A Plumber To Fix A Water Leak?

How Much Does Leak Detection Cost?


Water leaks that are left unfixed can cause damage to your home that can be very costly to repair!

Your plumbing system needs maintenance to perform at it’s optimal benefit, and it may require getting a professional plumber for emergency assistance to stop a water leak and prevent damage to your home.

If water pipe leaks – no matter how small – are left untreated (or undetected), the repair costs of a plumbing leak can be substantial.

Water leak damage to floors

What are the signs of water leak damage under your flooring?

Water will flow down hill from taps and fixtures – this means any leaks in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom will pool on and under your floors.

In your bathroom – you may begin to notice loose tiles next to the tub or shower or along the tub edges. You might also see water on the floor after a bath or shower that is not due to spilling or splashing.

In your kitchen – be on the lookout for discoloured or particularly warped floorboards. Take special notice next to the dishwasher (or fridge with a water line).

Now consider what it would cost to replace areas after the affected area has been cleaned and the leak fixed. Replacing single bathroom tiles may not bet an expensive undertaking, but you can incur significant costs if the sub-floor of your bathroom becomes damaged.

Removing and replacing swelled floorboards and installing new tiles may run into the thousands of dollars.

Water leaks can also cause damage to fixtures like sink taps and shower heads. In some cases, these fixtures may stop working altogether. For example, we have seen rubber gaskets that have decayed over time and have become stuck in the water line. Causing the water pressure to drop.

Water leaks are always better tackled immediately – time left untreated is proportional to cost.

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