Has your water bill gone through the roof? And it’s cost you hundreds or thousands of hard earned cash? You may have a water leak and you just didn’t know. You’ve turned everything off inside your home and you can still see that water meter ticking over.

Well that’s where we come in here at National Plumbing. We see wasted hard-earned money in excess water bills every day. That’s why our professional and friendly leak detection specialists can find and fix your water leaks – no matter where they are.

So how do we detect for leaks? We set up compressed air to your water lines and a pressure test gauge. After a thorough inspection inside and around your property our leak detection specialists will locate your water leak with an ultrasonic system which can hear the compressed air expelling from the burst water pipe.

But we don’t stop there – we are fully licensed plumbers and can find and fix your water leaks no matter where they are -once fixed we will restore the area and clean up like we were never there.

We will also help you claim your excess water bill back from your local Water Authority and help you claim as much as possible back from your local insurance policy company. This is why local Bribsane and Gold Coast residents trust our leak detection services. We don’t subcontract any of our work – so you can be rest assured that we have the highest levels of service.