Are you sick and tired of throwing cash down the drain literally? You are more than likely thinking about how to avoid another bill and why can’t my home just work at the end of the day? Do you buy all the expensive supermarket products to fix that blocked drain and they just don’t work?

That’s where we come in here at National Plumbing – we know how to unblock your drains fast!

So we’re going to show you how we unblock drains. We do things differently here at National Plumbing, we don’t use the old labor-intensive electric eels that get stuck and don’t clear your drains properly.

We apply high-pressure water jetting machines to clear your blockages. These machines put out 31 litres of high-pressure water per minute at 5,000 psi to clear roots, dislodge foreign objects, and simple toilet paper.

But you ask yourself what if I have a broken pipe or tree roots in my drain? Well rest assured, we have CCTV drain cameras to actually tell us the depth and location of your problem spot – and at the end of the day we can repair your drain problems from entire home systems to simple small breaks.

We will also restore the area like we were never there. This is why local Brisbane & Gold Coast residents trust National Plumbing as we don’t subcontract any of our work out – so you can feel safe knowing our highly trained staff are there for you seven days a week.

We also help you claim as much back from your insurance company as possible for any damages to your property. National Plumbing, the blocked drain specialists.