How to Save Water With A Leak Detection Specialist

With rising water bills we have no choice but become water conscious consumers. Walking around your home do you hear running water or dripping taps? If so, then you probably have a leak in the bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere around the property. The first step to take is repairing the leak source, or at least calling in your local National Plumbing plumber to stop the water escape quickly.

So what can cause water leaks? – Split pipes, running toilets, dripping faucets and shower heads are all common leaking plumbing issues. Plumbing leaks waste litres of water, increase your water bill and can cause damages to belongings and structural foundations of your homes. Early leak detection will enable you to apply the right leak repair and stop water wastage quickly. Here are some of our tips on how to save water with a leak detection specialist.

What can you look for that could warrant a leak detection?:

– High water bills
– Sound of running water
– Running toilets and dripping taps
– Dripping shower heads
– High water meter readings
– Musty odours
– Moisture under carpets and floor boards
– Sewer backups
– Mildew
– Damp or discolored walls
– Split or moist concrete or foundations

Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks:

Sinks are the most common sources of water leaks. Look under the sink for excessive dampness, mildew or even puddles of water.


Toilet leaks are hard to detect because they are usually soundless. Undetected toilet leaks waste thousands of litres of water every month, and an increae expense to your water bill.


Even slow dripping taps are responsible for wasting a huge amount of water once you add it up. Common in many homes and offices, leaky taps are easy to repair and usually require the replacement of worn out valves or damaged washers with new parts. If you can’t do it yourself or don’t have the right tools- just contact your local National Plumbing plumber to solve the problem quickly and effectively.

Early leak detection can save you considerable money that will otherwise be spent on costly water related damages. Become a water conscious consumer and repair fast leaks to help both the environment and your wallet!