Leaking taps

Taps are comprised of many different parts and all of these parts wear down differently over time, a leaking tap can waste over 20,000 litres of water in a single year! National Plumbing can carry out anything from replacing faulty parts to installing new taps. Our team can fix leaking; shower taps, bath taps, vanity taps, kitchen taps, mixer taps, laundry taps and toilet taps. National Plumbing take the time to assess your leaking tap to best determine if it needs repairing or replacement.

Although leaking taps are common in any home, when they do occur it is essential for the homeowner to get them fixed as soon as possible so as not to unnecessarily waste money on expensive water bills. Although it may seem as if there is only a small amount of water leaking from a tap, this slow drip can quickly turn into a running tap which could flood a room quite rapidly.

Here are some top reasons as to why you should get your taps fixed ASAP:

  1. Health Hazard
    The actual leaking tap is not a health hazard in itself, however, the mould and mildew that arises from such leaks can have adverse effects to one’s health. You and your family can suffer greatly if these problems continue to develop in unseen structures such as the foundation of a home and it is do often the case that it is only found after illness or damage has been caused.
  2. Save Water
    With the entire New South Wales state drought declared and just under three quarters of Queensland drought declared, water is more precious than ever. As climate change, droughts and a growing population impact the environment around us, we should be making positive changes in our day-to-day lives and households to accommodate this.
  3. Save Money
    As the demand for water increases, so to do the charges for water utilities across Australia. Considering that a leaking tap can waste up to 20,000 litres of water a year, hundreds of dollars are added to your water bill every quarter.
  4. Structural Damage
    Leaking taps can result in costly structural damage if left unchecked. Damage to floors, walls and foundations can put you out of pocket and even out of home if the damage is great enough.

Call National Plumbing now to fix small plumbing issues before they snowball into larger problems and costly lessons later down the line.