What Are Some Temporary Water Leak Fixes?

Plumbing problems can be a constant battle. From leaky taps, blocked sinks to sewage backups, there are always bound to be issues popping up over time.

For a water leak issue, it may be frustrating and upsetting because aside from the water usage increase, a water leak can cause structure and property damage as well.

So, here are a couple of temporary water leak fixes you may try. These should hold until you can get a professional plumber out to make a permanent fix.


Put a clamp on leaking pipes

If you have a broken pipe, pipe clamps can be a good temporary solution.

You can find these clamps at most hardware stores. Basically, you just screw these clamps together around the pipe. This should hold the pipe together until a plumber can repair the pipe.


Got some tape?

You can wrap the tape tightly around the split pipe. Don’t use any old type of tape though. Use a tape that is made from a special silicon material. Again, this should hold until a plumber can permanently repair it.


Need a permanent solution to your water leak?

Of course these temporary solutions just aren’t going to cut it. National Plumbing are committed to providing you a professional service. You can trust National Plumbing with your water leak and general plumbing problems. Call us today.