What is Acoustic Leak Detection

At National Plumbing, our team are highly experienced and trained specifically in locating and repairing any kind of leak. We incorporate the most innovative leak detection equipment to locate and repair your leak in no time at all.

There is not a leak we haven’t found – our repairs are of the highest of quality and we are renowned for our leak detection service.

Leaking water is a silent killer of your bank account, even the seemingly smallest leaks can add up to hundreds of dollars each week.

It is quite likely that you have a hidden water leak if you have been asking yourself some of the questions: I have a really expensive water bill compared to normal and I’m not sure why, Why is my carpet wet?, I can’t see any leaks but my water meter is increasing or the council have told me I have a leak.

When a pipe is pressurised, and it has a leak, a vibration will be emitted from the cause of the leak and will then travel along the length of the pipe. The further away it is from the origin of the leak, the smaller the vibration.

Before technology developed, it was usually quite difficult to detect where the leak originated from, however, acoustic leak detection has made this far easier. This means that your pipes can be repaired quicker with less water lost.

Acoustic leak detection allows plumbers to pinpoint the precise location of a leak to be found as soon as possible. The microphones that our team is equipped with are diagnostic microphones which allow for even the faintest of vibrations to be picked up on.

Leaks can be found behind walls, beneath tiled surfaces, on driveways and anywhere else in your home.

Internal leaks are discovered by pressure testing to identify and locate precisely where the source of the leak is coming from.

If you suspect you have a leak, National Plumbing can detect, repair and install new pipes in no time at all. We can locate any under-ground external water pipe leak as well as any indoor leaks from bathrooms to kitchens and more.

National Plumbing guarantee all of our leak repairs and leak detection meet Australian standards, and we back all of our work with a 100% workmanship guarantee!