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Call a professional plumber to help with any of these issues!

An experienced plumber will take a look inside the machine and survey the pipes leading in and out of the system. From there, they can make repairs and help you solve the problem. While there are some things you can do as the homeowner to fix common plumbing problems, often your plumber should be the first port of call.


If your washing machine breaks down or decides to have a temper tantrum for no apparent reason, your day is likely going to go pear shaped pretty fast!

There’s a pretty complex system of pipes, valves and other mechanisms that create a clean, effective laundry cycle. Many of these elements can develop faults, which brings our laundry chores to a grinding halt.

Here are some of the more common laundry plumbing problems to watch out for

1) Floods and leaks

The most common scenario here is that something goes wrong with the machine or plumbing and there is a leak or flood in the room. This will likely damage your floors. These leaks and floods could be the result of clogs in the drains. The grey water from the machine can be full of fluff and debris from the wash cycle. Over time this puts pressure on the pipes. These clogs, in addition to general wear and age, mean that the pipes can crack or even burst.

2) A lack of water

A lack of water is an issue at the other end of the scale. Instead of having far too much water, you find that there isn’t enough going into the machine at all. A lack of water can disrupt the washing cycle so that it is less effective. This could result in dirty clothes or other problems. Some machines may not run the cycle at all.

This could be down to a couple of issues, the first is the supply pipe to the machine. There is a dedicated water line from the interior plumbing providing the machine with enough clean water – when it works at least. This could be faulty or blocked. Then there is the machine itself. Many of the best machines have filters to ensure that water going into the wash is as clean as possible.

3) The machine doesn’t want to use the water at all

Finally, there may be just the right amount of water entering and leaving the machine, with no leaks and floods. But, it does so without washing the clothes. There are cases where the water just drains through a machine and doesn’t wash the clothes.

You may set the cycle up and here the machine starts to fill up, but then it doesn’t enter the drum. This could be a problem with the valves or the pump. These features are essential in order to control the level and pressure of the water. If either of these elements fails, your machine will fail to hold the right amount of water in the right place, and therefore won’t clean your clothes.

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