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Common plumbing emergencies and what to do

Plumbing emergencies often seem to happen at the worst time!

While some issues are minor problems, in many cases plumbing emergencies need to be dealt with fast. Having said that, though, there are steps you can take to help assess the problem, and avoid possible damage before the plumber arrives.

Here’s how to deal with a few common plumbing emergencies:

Leaking Taps

Taking care of minor tap leaks is recommended before they become worse to avoid future problems. If your tap is leaking, call a plumber to do a routine inspection. 

Toilet Leaks

Firstly, make sure that it’s the toilet that’s leaking – check your basin and bath just in case the water is from another source. In most cases, you’ll be able to turn the water off by a small tap located behind the toilet to stop the flow, this should be your first course of action. Once the water is isolated, call a plumber.

Blocked Drains

Your drains can become blocked from a wide range of items. Your kids may have thrown a toy in a drain or can be caused by hair in the bathroom and grease in kitchen drains. 

Tree roots can also be a major cause of blocked drains. Keep this in mind when choosing locations where to plant trees. Tree roots can source the water waste from sewer drains and can cause significant damage and lead to recurring blockages.

Water Pipe Leaks

If a water pipe leak is suspected, turn the water off immediately at the water meter to prevent further leakage, and call a plumber. The water meter is normally located at the front right or left side of your property.

No Hot Water

Where would we be without hot water!

Problems with hot water can be common. If your heater is gas it may be the pilot light that has gone out and needs to be fired up again. If your heater is electric the switch in the box may have tripped and need to be reset. 

In any case, with any of the above, if you are unsure please call a licenced plumber to take a look at the issue.

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