When looking to purchase a new home, just as you would generally get a pest and building inspection, it is also important to get your plumbing checked. National Plumbing offer Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections for your peace of mind.

We check water lines for leaks, check the type of pipes you have, check sewer drains and storm water drains with drain cameras to ensure there are no breaks, tree roots or debris lodged in the drain. We also check your hot water system for correct function and report any faults or when the hot water system will need to be replaced.

We apply waterproofing tests to all shower bases to ensure waterproofing has not been compromised and will also inspect your roof tiles and colorbond for leaks and quality. You will get a report on faults and repairs needed to prevent leaks.

We will also check all water fixtures on the property including toilets, taps etc. and prepare a detailed report for your entire property and quotation on any repairs needed to be done on completion of inspection.