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There are three main reasons as to why National Plumbing is the chosen team for all things leak detection in North Brisbane;

  1. we undertake rigorous training and skills-testing,
  2. we deliver accurate leak detection without damage and
  3. we never leave a mess behind.

Water leaks in North Brisbane can rapidly develop into a costly situation so why wait for the unnecessary water bill? We have a strong reputation through much of South-East Queensland and guarantee a friendly and professional service for every customer.

So just how exactly does leak detection work?

Our team is equipped with state of the art electronic leak detection systems. These machines pick up sound waves made by leaks and transmits the site where the leak is coming to the plumber. Different leaks have different sounds and frequencies depending on the pressure of the pipes and when a sound is registered it is transmitted at a higher frequency for our plumbers to interpret.

There are different factors that can affect the sound a leak makes, these include the water pressure, what the pipe is made of, soil type and composition as well as surface cover and how deep the pipe is underground. After a leak is determined, to pinpoint the exact location our technicians move the device over the direction of the pipe and listen for where the sound is strongest.

If you suspect you have a leak but are unsure, you can check around your house by walking through each room and listening for a pressurised whining, starting from the bottom floor first. Soft patches in your backyard can also be a potential sign for an underground leak as well as water damage to infrastructure.

Early detection of hidden water leaks can greatly reduce the potential costs that so often come with the burden of damaged pipes, spoiled surrounds, structures and expensive water bills. North Brisbane residents, you can be rest assured that when you choose National Plumbing to carry out leak detection in your home or business, you are in the best of hands with our skilled team.

National Plumbing are the #1 North Brisbane leak detection plumbers.


For all your emergency and general plumbing needs throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you can reply on National Plumbing. We are open 7 days, have no call out fees and offer a same day service. You can call us on 1300 246 627.