Underground water leak

An underground water leak can occur anytime and anywhere on your property.

In the case of your water main, the leak can occur underneath or outside your home. Just because the leak may be underground, that does not mean a professional leak detection plumber is unable to locate and fix it.

There are several ways that a plumber can detect the presence of an underground water main leak in your home.

From checking the reading on your water meter, to the use of a professional underground water leak detector device, your next underground leak need not be a headache, or a mystery to detect.


Check your water meter to see if you are losing water

If you believe that you have a water leak somewhere in your home, first check your home’s water meter.

Check to make sure that no water is running in your home. Shut off all taps and sources of water including your washing machine, dishwasher, toilets, etc.

Then check the meter leak dial to see its position and record it’s number.

Wait a half an hour to an hour and check it again. If the water meter dial has changed, then there is likely a leak somewhere that needs fixing.

While pipe leaks under your flooring of the house are quite rare, be aware they are indeed possible.


Monitor your water bill

Keep an eye on your water bill to look for a leak. If you have been using a steady amount of water in your home, but your bill suddenly rises from one month to the next, then you should consider having your home inspected for a water leak.


Keep an eye outside

You can also keep an eye on your outside and property to check for leaks.

Look out for random pools of water that may appear on your property. Unexplained wet spots appearing in your yard, or musty smells or mould growth are signs that you may have a leak somewhere.

If you believe there may be an underground water leak in your home, you should have it seen to by a professional plumber as soon as possible. Only a professional underground water leak detector will be able to perform a definitive leak test and will be able to help you solve any water problems in your home.


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