How Much Does Leak Detection Cost?

Leaking water pipes can occur almost anywhere – from within the newest homes, to the smallest gardens and the tallest buildings. The challenge is finding and fixing those pesky leaks.

How much does leak detection cost?

The real question is – how much is the issue already costing you?

It all depends on where the leak is – inside the home, outside on the property, under a concrete slab, etc.

Call us and we can give you a quote on detecting your water leak and fixing it.

What can I do if I find the leak?

If you have a leak inside your home or on your property, you will need use a licensed plumber. Legally you can only do minor plumbing work yourself. This includes simple fixes such as changing tap washers.

Our plumbers will check your home for water leaks and even opportunities to save water.

Once they’ve checked your home and property, they’ll tell you about any repair work if needed and suggest suitable water efficient devices. We’ll even do any necessary repair work for you.

What can you do if you’ve detected a leak, but can’t find it?

If you know you have a water leak, but can’t locate it, one of our leak detection specialists will be able to help.

Be aware not all plumbers have the special tools and skills needed to find leaks hidden underground and inside walls.

Find out how National Plumbing can provide a full range of leak detection and leak repair services. We will let you know how much leak detection will cost before proceeding. Call us for a quote today!