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Signs of a blocked drain

Having blocked drains can be a disaster at worst and can lead to a very expensive water bill. 

Have you ever considered unblocking a drain yourself without having to call in a professional plumber?

Doing it yourself might look like an easier option than it really is, however, unblocking drains itself is considered potentially dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What are the signs showing that you have a serious blocked drain?

Basically, the sink, bathroom, shower, or toilet show slowly draining and water simply pooling around the drain.

Additionally, strange abnormal noises, like gurgling or bubbling, will be heard from the plug holes or toilets. Water resists to flow down the drain and continues rising from drains causing the strong, constant foul-smelling odour.

On the other hand, tub or basin drain slowly or is backed up which tells that the plug hole or the u-bend is trapped with a different kind of build-up of debris.

What not to do while doing DIY tips of unblocking a drain?

Any approach or procedure said to unclog is by using a plug or a u-bend trap that will pull the debris out.

Flushing it down the toilet can just flush it further into the pipes and becomes really hard to fix or need more complicated ways to repair.

There are some tools usually used for unclogging drains, but are actually believed it’s dangerous and can cause damage, for example:

Caustic chemical: using chemicals in fixing or repairing unblocked drains can cause damage to the pipes

Chemicals: using chemicals could be dangerous and it can damage the pipes if too much is poured down the drain and could possibly make the blockage harder to clear

DIY using “eels” or “snakes” can damage pipes and cause pipes to break if not handled with extreme caution. 

Anything that can clear out stuff that goes down the drain can cause pipe corrosion, gouging or breakage which can potentially cause a bigger problem and result in a higher cost than just blocked drains since you may need to replace the whole system.

Taking care of your shower, bath, toilet and sinks, like cleaning the trap or not putting anything down the toilet, is the best way to prevent blocked drains. Some pipe cleaning in some areas need to be done with a license, if you don’t have that, it is not worth taking the risk. 

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