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Almost every home uses gas in some way. Most commonly used for cooking or heating your home, having a gas line connected is essential for your family’s comfort. However, gas is highly flammable and you do not want it leaking in or around the house. As there are many ways gas lines can cause harm, you’ll need an experienced professional to make sure that the gas lines connected to your home are as safe as possible.

Gas fitters work on anything related to gas lines. Working with gas lines is a specialist job, so if your home uses gas for any purpose whatsoever, have a professional gas fitter do the job for you.

Things to know about gas fitters and when to use them:

Gas fitters perform a variety of jobs, and working with gas lines and appliances that use gas is their speciality. There are a number of things to know about what it is exactly that gas fitters do, and why their help is crucial in making your home a safer space for your family.

1. You need a professional license in order to be able to work with gas lines.

Gas lines very dangerous things to work on. Both proper training and experience are needed to be able to work with them. It’s for this reason that licensed professionals are the only ones who are legally allowed to freely and extensively work on gas lines.

2. Gas fitters are trained to understand house and building plans.

House and building plans seem simple enough. Lines indicate walls, doors and frames are drawn in, spaces indicate floor space, and many more. However, properly reading a house or a building plan takes a lot of work and training. Tapping into a gas line requires careful planning which involves interpreting the sketches of the house or building plan.

3. Gas fitters connect your home to gas lines.

This is perhaps one of the most important roles that gas fitters play. They connect your home to your area’s gas line to make sure that you are supplied with the necessary amount of gas to perform your day-to-day routines. This includes cooking, regulating temperature, and heating in residential homes. If you’re running a restaurant business, then a gas fitter is critical to ensuring your smooth operation.

Gas lines can be quite risky to work with since natural gas is highly flammable. Gas fitters are well-trained in order to tap into these lines and help connect your home safely


4. A gas fitter is in charge of safely connecting your equipment to the gas line, and making sure that it works.

Gas fitters, aside from connecting your home’s main gas line to your area’s gas line, are also in charge of making sure that the appliances that require natural gas are all in working order. This involves ensuring that appliances and equipment are all properly connected to the gas line. There should be no leaks as these can pose a threat to you and your family, and everything should be in good working order.

5. Gas fitters also do repair work for gas line-related appliances and equipment.

Since these appliances likewise deal directly with volatile gases and substances, gas fitters also do repair work for these in case that they get damaged. These appliances can range from burners, gas regulators, and gas metres, among others.

6. A gas fitter is in charge of the maintenance of gas lines.

Professional gas fitters are in charge of your area’s main gas lines. Your house’s main gas line and any connections to it should be your priority. It should come as no surprise that gas fitters are also in charge of these.

Homes should have their gas lines checked annually at a minimum. There are also other indicators that will require you to have your gas line checked even if there is no visible damage to the pipes. Some of these indicators include a change in the quality of the flame in your burners, bubbling near the pipes, gas smells, and patches of dead plants in the garden. If you spot anything strange near where your gas pipes are, then make sure to consult with a gas fitter just to be on the safe side.

7. Gas fitters are in charge of troubleshooting gas line problems.

When you do spot problems that stem from gas lines, your trusted gas fitter will evaluate the situation. Even if you’re not able to pinpoint the exact signs and indicators of these gas problems, a licensed gas fitter is professionally trained to spot these issues and fix them.

8. Gas fitters put safety systems in place for detecting gas leaks.

A gas fitter is in charge of the safety of your home with regard to gas-related concerns. There are safety systems that can be set in place to help make sure that your family and house are safe from any untoward incidents regarding the gas lines.

9. Gas fitters are in charge of fixing up flues.

Flues are where waste gases can exit your home. These gases are normally the product of burning, and will need to exit your home after the process of combustion. Not having a proper exit point in your home can be detrimental to your and your family’s health since these gases are often not safe to breathe in.

10. Gas fitters are responsible for making sure that you know the safety systems of your gas lines.

Safety systems are totally useless if no one knows how to use them. The safety systems in your house’s gas lines, which are set up by a gas fitter, are no different. It is a gas fitter’s job to show you how to maximise the use of these gas safety systems and make sure that you know what to do in case of emergency.

11. Gas fitters are in charge of other gas-related work.

Gas fitters do not just work with houses and buildings. Pretty much any gas-related work will require the help of a professional gas fitter. If you have a boat or anything that isn’t an automobile but requires the use of gas, then the chances of you needing the help of a gas fitter are quite high.

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