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If you have had a spike in your water bills or a drop in your water pressure, you may have been recommended to seek out electronic leak detection. Many people want to know what electronic leak detection is, if it works and if it is worth the cost. We have collected information about electronic leak detection, so you can judge whether you want to pursue the advice given. What is Electronic Leak Detection?

Electronic leak detection is a favoured form of sourcing leaks, particularly in newer homes. This is because many homes in the past decade have been and are being built on concrete slabs, this is all well and good until a leak occurs. It is often quite difficult to visually spot a leak, but this is where electronic leak detection comes in handy. All water leaks create some level of noise and even if the naked human ear cannot pick it up, our trusty equipment can.

Different leaks emit different sounds, the frequencies of the sound are determined by how much pressure is in the pipe. An electronic leak detector can pick up on any range of frequencies and translate them to a frequency that can be heard by humans. A trained plumber will be able to decipher these sounds and accurately gauge if a leak is in your toilet, drains, pipes or water systems. If you are still a little lost, think of electronic leak detection as a revamped and new-age version of a doctor using a stethoscope to listen for your heartbeat.

One of the greatest advantages of leak detection is that before it existed, plumbers would have to take an educated guess and rip apart metres of wall just to find one tiny leak. Now, our plumbers can accurately pin-point the leaks location and if the pipe does have to be exposed, a small hole will be created and patched in no time at all. This will save many hours in labour costs and the drama of re-plastering and re-painting whole sections of wall.

Here at National Plumbing, we have a whole team dedicated to leak detection. Our experts are equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment in the field, meaning our methods are as non-invasive as they come. We can detect home leaks and commercial leaks, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your water bill and home repairs. Get in touch with National Plumbing today!


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