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For all your emergency and general plumbing needs throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you can reply on National Plumbing. We are open 7 days, have no call out fees and offer a same day service. You can call us on 1300 246 627.


Solar is a great way to reduce your energy bills and your reliance on energy companies by harnessing the sun’s free energy.

For ultimate savings, combine a solar water heater with a solar power system to provide power to your home, and supplement this with a battery system to store free energy you can use at night, or when the sun is not shining. Any surplus power can then be fed back into the grid.

National Plumbing  can assist you with hot water system repairs, replacements and new installations as well as

  • Temperature valve replacements and repairs
  • Thermostat and element repairs and installations
  • Cold water expansion valve installation and repairs
  • 500Kpa pressure limiting valve installation and repairs
  • Temperature Pressure Release valve installations and repairs

A few other reasons to go solar for your hot water system are:

Take advantage of government incentives

The great news about residential and commercial solar is that the Australian Government has included both solar hot water and solar power as technologies that are eligible for incentives to help you make the switch to renewable energy. These incentives are known as Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) and are linked to Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme.

The value of STCs fluctuates depending on market factors and are available in every state of Australia. However, the number of certificates that can be created per system is based on its geographical location (zone) and varies with the type, size and model of the system installed^. In commercial applications, the incentives increase significantly, as installations are much larger.

Increase the value of your home

According to research conducted by a leading real estate online website, the majority of Australians believe that solar power-equipped homes are more valuable than those relying on traditional means of electricity.

The report states that properties with sustainable features such as solar panels, battery storage and rainwater tanks take on average 13 days less to sell than homes without. In another survey through the same leading real estate online website states that 85% of Australians believe solar power panels increased the value of a property, while 79% believe a solar hot water system would do the same.

National Plumbing offer a comprehensive hot water plumbing service in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Our hot water plumbing service incorporates the repair, service, installation and replacement of your hot water system.

We are experienced qualified plumbers for all kinds of hot water services, including electric hot water systems, solar hot water systems and gas hot water systems and emergency repairs.